Model Misbehaviour

some day I'm going to cut the cat-walk model out of the photo

and paste her into some morbid part-time position

where she'll be required by order of management

to shoehorn herself into a two foot box roughly

prop behind job title, counters, bars with no stool

or else default on conditions of employment


and one day, by chance, long after she's rediscovered

as Miss Yes and creams her face into a cosmetic career

she'll remember her muscle rage and multiple corns

the dropped bridge and toe crimp, her convalescence in poverty

for an ankle restoration and post why do women pain for beauty

wear impossible shoes and drown their night away in foot spas?


and someone - not a friend - will reply after drying her feet

and indulging in a sarcastic pseudonym, it's people like you




Neuro Evolution

as continents drift might organs drift

toward a body of wisdom

organs as raw, ingredients of change


inspired by an other-worldly mind updating

our continental body, its sensory plates,

our nerve-stitched skin, tectonic cloth


a one-sided cover that daily assumes

our enemies only do battle at the front

a fossilised design for a seamstress of vision—


a fantasy physician—to cut another template

"just as the physical world renews, we see 

body-parts-volcano-like. Think Krakatoa."


in this futuristic furnace, technologies ready

with their vulcanising heat, for a fit survival

on a volatile earth—their ideas not mine:


eyes to multiply, with some relocation to a higher

floor, opening brains to the possibility of sky

automatic eyelids to trick the missiles


noses pollution-savvy, some close to ground

vacuuming smells of the dust we abhor

the soil we mistreated, the dirt now to love


mouths as sockets for knowledge, female input,

a power board of mouths compatible with progress

with taste-bud alarms for molecular assassins


ears to flex, wide-ranging as wolves

retractable for safety, swivelling to listen

to the animal channel, its strategies on humans


skin to remain as one source of newness

a lavascape flowing to replenish the day

the body ever growing, the mind a quake


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