Hootie Bill Do Polonius

T-bone rare
And a side of brain stir-fried

Is how we liked it
And that’s how it’d come out

The both t’s crossed, eyes dotted
And bloody in between

The weather that season was puhfect
Or most nearly so

As for the sun
You could make for the foliage

Or no
We was thoroughly rich and young

And the ladies legs
Kept on

And on and on and on
Like Texas

We pre-ZIDED over that patch of dust

Knew it
And wore it as befits self-knowledge

What queered it in the end
Was what the Right Reverend calls puce-salami-tea

Can’t spell it
Don’t know how to say it right

But know what it means
And what it means is adios compadre

To a most galuptious scene Kid

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