Ancestral Routes

for Rod & Scarlett


first there is a mountain
then there is no mountain
then there is

- Donovan

Global Rental
Avis in Glasgow
could be anywhere in whole
fucking universe

Restoration Take that brick wall
Bisland's Bakery
most beautiful ruin of all

Sun is like a pale moon
misty morning motorway
ancestral routes

Writ In Water
those clouds are not McLeods
those names too evaporate
a drop of you

industrial farms
human resources
becks and burns below the braes and bens

Deliver Us From
new road layout
bonny bonny GPS please
get us out of this mess

these hills are as old as
the hills all we could wish
to see to feel free amen

Mouth Of Clyde
under this bridge set sail
Charles who is ours
a cormorant airing wings

Long Shots In Road Movie
biscuit tin lid cottage by loch
pylons on the ridge
wait for red to turn to green

Rules Of Road
give way mist give way alto
cirrus give way cloudy Audi
give way Johnson give way Boswell

Complete Your Highland Visit In A
Heated Wigwam
Haste Ye Back
RAF overhead loud as living death

Under A Corrugated Iron Roof
crinkly tin church
colours of a whare-nui
kitset at Culloden

Riding The Signs
Frustration Causes Accidents
Masturbation Cures Frustration
Do Not Use Your Mobile

from the on-ramp Stornaway
Ferry 3 boys 1 girl
jumping 4 pennies in Loch Broom

Grist To The Grinding Mill
walk 10 miles to Kirk
drunken preacher steals your offering
walk 10 miles back

We keep intrepid hours
singer packs guitar in case
Isle of Jura smile

Last Orders
front row faces seen in bars
monster mask of man
grief of monster woman

Fiddler on the grass
no but a lassie
alas alas alas

Cultural Renaissance
Sleeping Beauty acted out
in the Gaelic tongue
words to wake you up

No Name
1st 2 letters of
the MUrray name
Zen koan No. 1

Old Song: Leaving Of Ullapool
creel of Morays fished up
great draft of the past
here comes the Son at last

Euro Tourist
kitschiest kitschy kitsch
kindly do not use our toilets
unco' bigsy bitch

rotunda by the sea
squid chips green tea
all that I could wish for me

Welcome To Moray: A Wee Reel Of Names
Moss of Barmuckity
Slackhead and Knockhead
Hill of Maud
Rosehearty and Percyhorner
Beyond Strichen

Natural Culture
wind turbine blades wave
above gorse hedgerows
power can grow and power can bow

Rattray Dawn
sunrise behind lighthouse
when one light goes out
another shines on your face

Peterhead Half Hour
fair poggit after soup and
toasted sandwiches
waiting blessed resurrection

Last Card
Murray by Murray lie
e noho ra pirate gravies
till that last trump

Bene Diction
here is the tack
come at last to the house
he left never to come back

Migration Season
we gather to depart
cormorants will stay
white lighthouse blue-black sky

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