matchbox semaphore                  

                 tick off those stale occasions
                 data on a clipboard and discard –
                 conceal the megaphone in the loft

                 can a day ever be named
                 anything other than this
                 patch of portable air

                 any wristwatch betrays the
                 expectation    better yield
                 to the fresh glitch of just
                 being here avoiding that
                 eyebrow quiz     do you
                 need stationery for that



                                      the distraction sieve
                                      the remainder
                                      a reminder


                                      the last marble
                                      write a note
                                      to lord elgin
                                      where is that
                                      block of
                                      memo cube
                                      refills 500


                                      mis muebles
                                      today i must
                                      dust mis muebles


                                      it's easy she said
                                      just flick and tick


                                      i long to measure
                                      the final curtains
                                      the tape coils
                                      like a coy snake
                                      mas o menos


                                      mis cortinas
                                      drive for all
                                      your worth  


                        air wick                                   

           the falling plane of a weekend
           a garland of pornfed piglets
           in a weather that shrivels how
           a sneeze turns the teacup
           into a hygiene station

                                you wear your roundtheworld
                                ticket like an abandoned
                                millstone, a novel who’s broken
                                a spine don’t grind those melamine
                                teeth across the equator    who
                                designed the pattern of this carpet
                                that trips people up on the way
                                down to the only popular toilet

                                                      here’s the frayed screen window
                                                      with its line of dead flies
                                                      fallen like fresh cocaine:
                                                      candidature for that new
                                                      vaccine full of disposable
                                                      pity –

                                          life under the portable blanket
                                          requires less trust than a
                                          managed investment          



                         the only physics
                         i did at school
                         was the resurrection

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