words coat the object

↓     the venom prays to its simplicity as it kills you

    sets clouds loose under your softening fingernails

    producing the type of smile drawn on a tree with a knife

    you have more than one enemy

    and i am more than one of them

↓     sleep is damaged at this altitude

    all commas are hammered flat for use in acupuncture

    the vertebrae protrude like questions on your back

    i walk my fingers one either side of your spine

    stop at the point on the neck most likely to break

↓     the roof answers the rain

    countless decisions fall in places other than memory

    your body floating to the surface of your white dress

    eyes leak through your skin as i move towards you

    you have swallowed my head with one word

↓     words coat the object

    you untie its outline and feed it into raw space

    you index my anatomy with the same science

    keep my tongue on a shelf in your library

    it says i was not with you when we disappeared

↓     cremated echoes are an uncommon freight

    newly embossed onto the lips of your inner ear

    they are extruded as spokes into the whispering wheel

    listening was too hard for your soft voice

    you transformed my deaf face into a stain

↓     you are in this thought because you had nowhere else to go

    for some reason i agreed to plagiarise your existence

    with simple carpentry you turned my chest into a bed

    arranged twelve eggs in the pattern of a still clock

    in this instant we stop evolution and repair our shadows

↓     you attach a signal to a wire to illuminate your name

    harden its spelling with the black polymers in your breath

    this line incised and served through our forms by the draper

    our old friend who placed us side by side in his window

    encouraged us to comb the arrows out of each other’s hair

↓     i have patented the contents in your mirror

    my image of your image cannot be reproduced

    we have slowed the light enough to put it on a leash

    our paralysis is in itself a sin

    when we sigh we are guilty of murder




how long will a thought last
in a swimming pool filled with ants

how long will an ant last
in a swimming pool filled with thoughts

drowning resuscitates itself with bodies
instigates a banquet for the partially submerged statistic

water itself presents itself as a scoreboard
a surface untallied but not thrown through her window



the spider in the dream
that kills the spider in the dream
that kills him as he sleeps
its web left in his waking mouth

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