Eye-wear That Stays Focused

In other news, Elvis is reported having trouble tuning
his guitar. This year is expected to produce a bumper
orange crop in spite of the severe frost in Florida.
Scientists have found that eating breaded cod helps
eliminate unsightly crows feet. Research also suggest
that punching ferry tickets is not the cause of lower
back pain and that ankles can be conduits of lightning.
Most rugby leagues are known to be machine washable.
The average wooden pier is foldable. Cheap lodging
always carries only one suitcase. What else? O yeah,
only 25% of all nuts are actually found on trees. Most
heart attacks are caused by hic-cups.

Coming up next are tips on how to experiment with
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muse that claims to have stuck on Half-Dome for three
days using only stamp-sized Velcro. It’s coming up on
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