light’s unction.

light’s unction fragments undisclosed leaves of field.

light’s injunction facilitates a ceremony over undisclosed leaves of field.

luminous injunctions cusp a field of flax while morning facilitates an undisclosed ceremony on the liminal borders of field.

a luminous cavity breaks in crepuscular folds over tresses of flax, the ascension of birds read the undisclosed calligraphy of insects swarming ceremoniously over leaved branches shading the liminal boundaries of field.

halation bleaches accentuated latitudes, a luminous cavity dissolves the air in incendiary grafts, oxidising over tessellated streams of flax, the ascension of sparrows who then plume and dive after the undisclosed velocity of insects following a tenacious path amongst arcades of leaves and the august reach of branches, their shadows never alight on the liminal boundaries of field.

halation blanches the tension of primal latitudes, ridges of day dissolve the air with incendiary equations grafting light’s eminence over tessellated shapes, effusive in the broken surfaces of flax; the sparrows acquiesce, they plume and dive with a seasonal velocity chasing the flotsam and jetsam of insects who bend a tenacious path amongst arcades of auspicious branches, draping afghans of light on the limitless boundaries of fields.        

a hermetic dawn binds the taunt strings of perfect latitudes. corporeal ridges of daylight direct the air in infinite calculations, grating light’s eminence over tessellated shades, elucidating the crest and crash of waves on the broken surface of flax, wavering. dapple sparrows acquiesce through pluming forms with a seasonal viscosity, chasing the flotsam and jetsam of insects—winged-- they unbend a tenuous path amongst the angles of auspicious branches, draping threads of motion over the liminal boundaries which field defies.

hermeneutics bound by strings of precarious latitudes, cutting ridges of dust through air with finite capillaries, gradations of light emanate over tenuous shades, elucidate the crashing waves of flaxen fields. tree-sparrows arrest their pluming forms, the wind chases away the lipid insects, bending the aired terrain to angles of escape, threading dapple motions through the leaves on the limitless boundaries of field.

the homestead is adumbrated by longing; light carves ridges of dust like fine capillaries, gradually loosening on the enormous shade of cloud, each broken wave in flaxen fields directs sparrows to their present form, resting as the wind dashes away the scroll of insects; wind bends the terrain to accessible escape, tiny wings thread eyelets of motion through the leaves which bind the field.

the horizon is adumbrated by ridges of crepuscular light, the wane of flax directs the form of sparrows, who resist the quiet scroll of insects escaping captivity, eyelets of leaves open pathways towards the billowing field.   
light’s horizon cusps the weave and wane of flax, drawing furrows of unending constraint to leaves which border the field. 

light’s heat moves in flaxen furrows, containment places no borders on fields.

light’s fertile cathedral constrains no boundaries.

light’s anointment.



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