A record of thanks

Considering that
I feel ill standing on a wharf
watching boats rock’n roll

throw up at sea

withdraw the contents
of my stomach on light aircraft

I’d like to thank
whoever is responsible for
the earth’s airpocketless revolutions



A natural shot

Owing to the existence of a sewage
outfall: no fishing, swimming, or
collecting shellfish in this vicinity

Shellfishing over for the day
oyster catchers congregate
along the shore

Penguins suitably suited
for the evening surf onto
the beach

Slumbering seals sift sand
as a wedding party
blinks into view

Veil billowing over breakers
the photographer
aims for a

natural shot. The incoming tide
indicates it may be more
natural than anticipated



Dentists ’n things

We met for lunch today,
our school holiday special, dipping
in and out of conversational soup,
recalling a book we’d recently read,
reckoning the grief had been birthed
not researched

She’d lived through a loss
such as yours, the descriptions aligning
Fine threads connected our drifting
conversation: wedding rings, tinnitus
and music

Observing our dentist ordering lunch
we laughed at how many of those
we’d paid for. Our mouths playing host
to her instruments, while listening to
her solo performance

Mindful of childhood warnings
we couldn’t respond to her many
questions until our mouths were emptied
By then our answers were irrelevant,
she had only been filling a gap

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