Bangla translation by Dr Tathagata Dasgupta
This poem will be published in Kabita Down Under by Patralekha in 2007.

poem in Bangla

a feather will fall to the moon as fast as a hammer

            vires acquirit eundo    -    Virgil

what anchors the mind inside the body?

the taste & smell & touch, clean lines & soft
curved mounds of the butt
     high cheekbones & the hollows
            moving down along jaw line

even blind touch there, such pent up rush
            into lips & kiss lips kiss

            the body has limbs, can gesture
with a small shift of an eyelid, the unmade
mark of the mouth & tilt of the head
where this body-loving mind lives

to run & stretch & love
            body to body touch



is it only delayed flight?

so much fuss in the name of …
& the whole idea of there being anything to it

who’s free? who’s ready?            no-one, yeah?
& I know you don’t believe

for the cheap shot
& rhetoric

freedom’s just another word
& hanging in there is alright



for a handful of crumbs?

in the low set of the chin
                        troubling down
fine lines, where the mid-section
grips & a window of opportunity
opens wide every second
                                    for somebody else
every thud, beat, thud of the day job
the small desires, these dreams
            & ‘acting hope’ on the week-end



have I told you yet, how beautiful
            the autumn sky is?

sitting on a log seat on top
of the hill at Farnborough

this blue air on my head & shoulders
a saturating power, just looking out

as a new-world explorer
at the moment of first encounter

monumental above & you
walking the hill to join me



where are those small shells?

you call them cat’s eyes
but I call them stars
& I had so many
& stones that had smooth surfaces
all the different colours made a map
when I tipped them out
over the silk sheet
I purchased for myself
when I lived in Brisbane
& didn’t know you yet



and you remember?

how hard it was for me
            the cost too high, the sacrifice
like a Cohen song & troubles
but I held on & you, although

I never knew it then, but I know
now & I’m glad
love is something
            people I love do



do you believe that?

once or twice I dithered, thought of you
(life is beautiful) & pinch myself & stumble
trying to distinguish all those points on a compass

travelogues, numbers for places & people to call
that’s how it works, effort & will
the deep & the shallow (something for us)
                                                & belief
that it’s coming



have you ever?

sure & thought about it 

but I’m not into endings & I’m moving forward
because nothing stands still, not even a mountain

all the changing scenery
falls as far as the eye can plan

& I want to be around all that
            old & grey & newfound


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