If the time is right we will meet on the corner of Albert and Adelaide

If I wear my over-weight hat I will miss you on the corner

If it begins to rain I shall take off my hat and see you standing there
against a signpost

If you are too close to the road you'll be hit by a bus before I get

If I miss the train you'll wander off to get a sandwich and I'll curse

If it's not too crowded in the city we will walk towards each other in
the street

If we walk towards each other we will throw back our heads and laugh and
open our arms

If we open our arms passing through appropriate displays of public
emotion we'll kiss

If I don't spill my bus change on the ground you won't notice the red
rinse I've put in my hair

If the city is flooded you will be able to use your ingenuity and build
a raft from bottles in the bin

If you build this raft I'll swim out across the intersection and hang on
to the edge of your raft

If you've got money you will have a jacket bursting with mixed lollies
that you may share

If you've helped me onto your raft I may sit down with you and eat them
as we watch all the cars floating by

If the cars float then we can play hopscotch across the roofs until we
get to an elevator waterfall

If we are not too scared and full of joy we will ride down the waterfall
back into the swelling streets kissing people with the breath of life

If the time is right we will meet on the corner of Albert and Adelaide


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