Chakra Blue

  Her faith
  is different from evangelical
  shows where the devil
  is shouted
  by pushing the forehead.
  convulse on the floor
  while the woman who paid
  for certificates
  in reiki i and ii heals
  from a distance
  the same way the man
  who discovered the art of reiki
  until faint from meditation
  not to mention
  hallucinated and heard mysterious
  telling him he had to open
  the closed bones
  of heads.
  The stream of consciousness
  helps divine homoeopathic potions
  from pretty pictures
  of organically
  grown flowers
  which are always to do
  with the heart's
  blue problems easily solved
  by rainbow aura remedies
  so potent
  only spirit guides can supply.


  "We fail to recognise the extent to which highly
  improbable events occur daily to everyone" - Skeptics.com
  Is improbable
  the same as forgetfulness
  or more like the time
  he saw his doctor
  then went to the chemist
  and now
  has to lie down
  and when he does,
  he turns blue.
  The men in white take his pulse.
  It's thready and as weak
  as his memory
  failing to explain
  the accidental-on-purpose overdose
  otherwise he'd have nothing
  but a mundane life.

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