Let's drive

I want you to be driving.
And for me to be in the passenger seat.    

On a clear day  
with the sun shining.    

Ideally, there will be cicadas and a light breeze blowing  
and I will wind my window down.    

We will drive until the cities are far behind us.  
We will be on a long, straight road through pine forests.    

We will still be driving as the sun sets  
but there will be no pressure to get anywhere,    

to be in any other place at any other time.  
Now will be now, and we will be in it.    

The traffic will be light and we  
will move faster than any other vehicle.    

This will be a journey of joy on roads  
never before travelled but somehow familiar,    

there will be no signs, just the passing landscape  
of contoured scenery and trees.    

Although we will drive on and on  
we will never tire.    

We will be fresh, sharp-eyed,  
enthralled by the world around us.    

There will be an air of safety  
and calm attentiveness    

and a view of the world as though upon a cinema screen.  
Our hearts will be filled with expectation;    

at the far end of our journey  
there might be a hotel room    

a bar and soft lighting,  
a firm bed, clean white towels and room service laid on,    

but there will be no need for a place to rest -  
this driving will feel so good.  

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