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Third autumn


once easter's finished

     the rest of the holiday

                          disappoints -


studying starts


    students stop


worrying about

   the permanent war

the government's

              got them into

rain, although expected,

       never rains.

   quiet,   dry,   sapless days


tilting the venetians

         to allow more light

  I feel

             I'd go nuts

  should I have to live alone

in the afternoon,

           I lie down

  and from the floor


      the tree tops

                   toss in the wind


                        the nipped worm

                                        is crawling

                          up the camouflage pattern

on the plane tree trunk


three autumns

                in one year,

so weakening

  that I'm ready to sleep,

feeling papery   and fragile

                   like a leaf


   into my feeble hibernation


     I can do

               no better



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